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The new Open Source standard for secure professional e-mail

Jmap Twake Mail secure application
Twake Mail – new generation of secure e-mail solutions at the edge of cloud and AI. Control your data and keep your emails private with advanced encryption. Get the strongest shield from any cyber attack with build-in threat detection

Security and superior performance with Twake Mail
JMAP, the foundational technology behind Twake Mail, is a cutting-edge messaging protocol designed for modern accessibility. With compatibility across various email services, it enhances email management by surpassing the limitations of outdated protocols, like IMAP. JMAP ensures a smoother and more efficient workflow.
Energy saving
Compared to IMAP's performance, JMAP significantly boosts resource utilization by consolidating requests into a single POST, making it 30 times more efficient overall
JMAP benefits from optimization of mail server logic through custom extensions (XML), loading from external JAR files and implementing custom units
Accessibility and Data Volume Control
Unlike IMAP, JMAP operates independently, optimizing cache use and minimizing server data transmission

High level of security

Rest assured, your emails are safeguarded with the highest level of security and confidentiality through PGP data encryption, without any compromises
Data Security
Effectively safeguard against all email-transmitted threats, including spam, phishing, and hacking

antispam protection

Build-in Spam Shield
Customize your email experience
by applying a diverse range of filters, allowing you to have the perfect view of what truly matters. More subtle filters will allow you to limit the time period or exclude certain words

Custom Filters

Sort it all out
Benefit from Flexible and easy search with custom criteria: recipient keyword, through, all mailbox or specific folders

Enhanced Search

Find faster and better
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Choose the safest email solution by installing it directly on your infrastructure to gain a competitive edge and serenity
An easily scalable and secure solution Twake Mail delivers sustainable benefits for rapidly growing teams
Secure by design
With the advanced security measures and antispam shield you can easily block any threat carried by messaging, including spam, phishing, and hacking
Twake Mail provides an ability to create smart and flexible responses to e-mails with the help of modern AI solutions
Delegation and customizable inbox sharing will help you streamline your correspondance. This way you can let a colleague help you with the workload
All our solutions are available in multiple languages and we are constantly working to ensure that more and more countries can use our ethical software
Twake Mail is less cumbersome and more eco-friendly and overcomes the demanding challenges of IMAP
Convenient and intuitive interface, adaptable to any screen on any device through the use of Flutter technology, be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone on Android or iOS
Twake Mail introduces a mechanism that dramatically improves network efficiency and optimizes resource utilization
Effortlessly integrate with LINAGORA's ecosystem and other enterprise systems, including Contacts, Calendar, Chat, and Drive
Open Source
Ethical by nature Twake Chat never compromises on commitments and quality with its code available for review and contribution on GitHub
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